About Us

Gillian Home Of The Chocoberries was established  in 2009 by Founder, CEO and Owner Ms. Gillian A Lugg. Her passion to create the most exquisite and delicious creations for her clients that  go above and beyond is like no other. 

Originally what started as a cake business, Gillian knew that she wanted to create something more of a boutique for chocolate covered strawberries. Her ideas came about one night brainstorming with ideas for different toppings and only using the finest chocolate there is on the market.

Once her clients started to take notice, the rest became history with what made Gillian Home of the Chocoberries as it is today.

Not only does Gillian offer custom chocolate covered strawberries, she also has added macarons to the menu, custom oreo designs, exquisite rice krispy treat designs and other goodies.

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